The name is Aaloo. I think you can tell why, based on my healthy physique. I was rescued back in January 2016 with a skin condition. I was abandoned by my family and am between 3-4 years old. I don't know why they would abandon me. I'm a pretty cool cat. But I was healed at ACF and then neutered. My hobbies are being fat and lazy and just hanging about. And this is now my home and my territory. I'm quite naughty because I like eating as much food as I can and maybe sometimes steal from others 😎 I love massages on my chin and back of my neck. I wait for them daily. When I get my daily massage by my shelter owners while lying in the sun, I purr myself to sleep. I hope you will make me your shelter pet by sponsoring me for Rs 3,340 by messaging #040 to the ACF number. PS: my shelter owners think I look like the evil cat in Cinderella which I think is super cool. 😎 (picture below)



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