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I'm Coco. I was sent to the shelter after Emaan Mahmud, a very kind girl saved me. I was living in a house where the workers were not very nice to me. I was kicked in the stomach repeatedly that resulted in a big wound and haematoma. It was very painful and I was so scared, I wouldn't come near anybody.

I was always afraid of someone hurting me suddenly and the fear just wouldn't go away.

I was very quiet when I first came in. I was kept alone because my wound needed to heal. But I was cuddled and loved and eventually started loving back. Now I have so many human friends and dog friends that love me! I love mud piles to jump on and love playing and goofing around. I'm not scared at all anymore. I'm friendly and happy. And I hope you will give me a chance by sponsoring me for Rs 4,900/month by messaging #46 to the Facebook inbox. Thank you 💕

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