I'm Eragon. I was rescued by a very kind lady, Aliya in Malir Cantt. She spotted me lying in a pool of my own blood-she must have seen the panic and pain in my eyes. My owner had abandoned me awhile ago because my hoof was terribly hurt thereby I became useless to him and he threw me away. Over time, the wound became worse and was bleeding constantly and maggots were biting and eating the inside of my hoof. I was unable to walk. This kind lady called ACF for help and tied me to a side so I would wait for help to arrive in case I run away from fear because at that time, I did not know what help was. No one has ever been nice to me so I was always expecting the worse. The ACF team reached while Aliya waited with me, with first aid supplies and cleaned and medically treated my wounds but my injuries were worse than expected. The rescue team arranged for a truck (that Aliya was kind enough to pay for) to transport me back to the shelter. I remember eating so much-the food kept coming, I couldn't believe I could eat as much as I want! I have a bandage wrapped around my foot and the dressing is changed everyday. But I'm finally happy. And I love to eat (as you can tell by my belly in the picture). There is no more pain or carrying heavy loads in the hot sun. I relax and am at peace. I hope you will sponsor me for Rs 10,060/month by messaging #042 to the ACF inbox. Thank you 💚


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