My name is Jaws. I'm still in recovery but I have been brought back from the brink of death. I was found by one of the shelter cleaners in a pile of garbage in the marketplace near the shelter.

I was just lying there for what felt like a lifetime; someone had wrapped barbed wire around my neck choking me...I was gasping for breath but I couldn't even do that because barbed wire was stitched on my mouth with maggots digging into my mouth wounds going into my throat. My eyes were bulging out of my skull, filled with terror and pain; I don't know how long I was like this for but I felt this was the end for me.

Then I was rescued...the procedure was painful but after all the barbed wire was removed from my mouth and neck and my wounds treated, I was able to breathe.

Taking a breath without thinking twice is the best feeling that we take for granted.

I was kept on IVs and fluids to keep me hydrated and was hand-fed mashed food. I was so hungry, I hadn't eaten or had water in days but my throat was too sore with maggot wounds that it took me days to start eating. Slowly, my mouth and neck starting healing and now I eat and drink whenever and whatever I want!

I'm healing. I'm healthy. I'm so lucky! Please come visit me, I'm still a bit scared of people (I hope you understand why) but I like being petted! I hope you sponsor me for Rs 3,340/month by messaging #032 in the ACF inbox.


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