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My name is Oliver. I was rescued a little over a month ago. I was just so tired of being beaten and hit and shooed away all the time.

No human ever came near me and those who did just came to violently hit me and then laugh and walk away. The world was such a scary place.

I just sat sometimes, feelings the wounds throb and burn and ache all over my body. I would stay thirsty and hungry for days. I didn't feel like I belonged here.

Then some people picked me up when I was just waiting to die. They put me in a car and took me somewhere. I had multiple deep maggots wounds all over my body, was severely dehydrated and had internal parasites.

At the place I was taken, I was very scared at first. But then I had water. My tummy became full. They held me down to treat my wounds and I fought them at first. But over time, I stopped fighting. I started feeling better and stronger. I didn't feel that constant pain and agony all over my body anymore!

The top two pictures are me the day I was brought in. And the bottom two picture are me today! Im healthy, neutered and vaccinated. I'm so so happy, I feel like a completely new dog!

I hope you will take a chance on me and sponsor me for Rs 4,900/month by messaged #48 to the ACF Facebook inbox.

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