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I'm Rosha. I'm a 2 year old Labrador, abandoned because my family didn't want me anymore. While I was on the streets, scared and alone, not able to go back home and not understanding why i was so unloved and not wanted, a rickshaw driver found me. I thought I would finally be safe and have someone to love. But I was beaten instead. I don't know what I did that made me such a bad boy. My wounds were then left untreated and they worsened over time that resulted in my entire stomach and chest and lower region being covered in deep painful wounds full of maggots. I was always hungry and thirsty. My paws were also wounded and I could barely walk.

When Sharifa Hyderally, a very nice lady saw me one day, she decided to save me and told ACF. I didn't know where I was going but I was so grateful when I saw a big bowl of clean water, I just collapsed into it and wouldn't stop drinking. I was so weak and hungry, I didn't move as my wounds were being treated.

Then I was given a big bowl of food. And not just that...I was hugged and loved! And given a safe place to sleep. There was no more pain. The bottom left picture is me after 1 week at the shelter and the big picture on the right is me today!

My eyes aren't sad anymore, I have so many toys to play with, eat as much as I want, my wounds are taking time to heal but they don't hurt anymore, I swim whenever I want and love getting hosed down by the water pipe and I love to dance and jump on people and often don't realise how heavy I am that results in people being knocked down! The best part is that I feel happy and safe. I hope you will give me a chance and sponsor me for Rs 4,900/month by messaging #045 to the Facebook inbox. Thank you 💙

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