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Hi, I am Snuggles, I was named by my new family at ACF because I love to snuggle. I was rescued by ACF in mid April along with my sister. Unfortunately, she was so scared that she left me and ran away from our mother’s home at the time of rescue. I was also terrified I did not understand why we were being taken away from our mother, I don’t speak human, but I understood that my former family kept my pure bred mother but they didn’t want us anymore. I wish my mother was spayed in her earlier years, because I don’t want the same to happen with my other siblings. Nobody has come forward to adopt me although I am big enough to be trained. I had other younger siblings as well, and I loved playing with them and pulling their tail and being the big sister.

When I reached the ACF shelter I used to hide mostly and sleep under the refrigerator but after spending 3 days there, I realized these people are my saviors. I started to trust them and slowly inched my way out. Now I love these people! They have named me snuggles because I love doing that. I rub myself on their clothes, I cling onto their shoulders and rub myself against their face, as you can see from some of my pictures attached, and once I am done with the ‘purr-ing’ I sneeze on their face. Lol, I know so ‘eewoo’ right!? But that’s why I am a cat!

I am in my kitty months but I have allergies as told by my vets here. I start sneezing and get nasal discharge. It irritates me to sneeze continuously from time to time, my vets are giving me medication for that.

I am happy now, but I have a message for you all; if you can’t foster us please get our mothers spayed at the right time. It hurts us as a family to be separated. I am lucky to get love and care I need here. But I have many animals here who share the same background as me and they find it so difficult to adjust and I am sure there are many others who will not get a chance to be rescued and will be abandoned on the streets instead.
My specialty: I have a mute ‘Meow-ing” sound and I love drinking leftover tea.
I hope you will sponsor me for Rs 3,340/month by messaging #033 to the ACF inbox. Thank you 💕⭐️👼


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