Donkey Camps

We started Donkey Camps in our first year after seeing the deplorable conditions in which donkeys were treated by their owners. The purpose of these camps was to educate the owners on how to take care of their donkeys and how to give basic first aid to treat their wounds so that they would not get infected. At these camps, we show them through actions that instead of beating and whipping your donkey and causing it physical harm, these are the other ways in which you can go about using them as transportation. At first, the owners were resistant to these new teachings as the concept of empathy and care was never instilled in them but as we conduct more and more Donkey Camps we see them being extremely responsive and cooperative.


Though we have several donkeys at our shelter who came in badly injured or unable to work again, our general practice is to hold donkey camps every week in Karachi and Islamabad to ensure that the donkey owners can keep their beast of burden in the best health possible, to give them a prolonged and better quality of life.


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Hi! Im Iris, I was rescued by ACF from Ghareebabad. I initially had a 3 inch deep wound in my abdomen, but it has completely healed now!

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My name is Oliver. I was rescued a little over a month ago. I was just so tired of being beaten and hit and shooed away all the time.

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My name is Stevie (inspired by Stevie Wonder) and I am blind. I rely on my other senses of touch, smell and sound to help me everyday.

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