Humane Harness Program

It is imperative that the harness is aesthetically better than what you see today as the donkey owner will also value it more. We will be selling it at a very nominal fee to the owner as money must exchange hands to make it a valuable commodity. The fee to the owner will be significantly lower than the cost price. Will be getting final pricing after Eid.

This is the most effective and far-reaching tool of education and its impact will have an everlasting effect. We are not teaching by rote nor making it mundane to the short attention span many of these daily wagers have who might think education is a waste of time. We are actively showing by action that benefits them. Many of the Daily wagers as in donkey owners are the least cared for and often ignored community who live at to the baseline of poverty.

If they perhaps do not understand our experience, we have observed that with the use of a humane harness, a donkey’s injuries can be reduced by 70%.

The humane donkey harness has been used in Bangladesh and India with startlingly good results. Our aim at ACF is to use designs we adopt and collaborate on with experts internationally who work closely with donkey welfare and understand donkey behaviour whilst using local Pakistani artisans and local material to create our own version.

There will also be job opportunities for our local artisans to earn a good wage with mass production. And a chance to help empower them to become confident and diversify their skills creatively.

We cannot ban donkey carts altogether across the country. Instead, we believe in being proactive and adopt a practical and useful approach to improve upon what is already there. Not as the critic but as a well-wisher and friend.

The goal is to also empower donkey owners into earning better salaries. And allowing their donkey to not die of lung infection (due to pollutants being inhaled) or mouth infection due to nails in the mouthpiece or unattended and unkempt wounds that worsen over time.

In line with this vision, we wish to create a basic refuge as we like to call it in different parts of the city with a big donkey population. In such a refuge, there will be a vet present, ready made feed and water available to the donkey, and a filter plant of clean water available to the owner. The owner can rest while the new harness can be easily unstrapped and the donkey can eat and drink in peace. This refuge will be strictly for donkey owners who are members of ACF which means they will need to treat donkeys according to our standards to avail all these facilities. The vet can provide first aid or harness material can be replenished at this refuge as well.

The harness is a great advertising tool. Any company or organisation can brand the aesthetically pleasing harness further by putting their logo on it for free whilst sponsoring the manufacturing of said harnesses in bulk.

The empathy aspect, they will understand the clear cut benefits these harnesses offer. And we are certain that their children at least will start learning what compassion is as we will be showing it to their fathers first hand, not just to the donkey.


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