Hydration Drive

A CF conducts hydration drives during the summer months. Every summer, the temperatures are rising higher and higher and as a result, many people and animals die of heatstroke and dehydration. Due to the intense heat waves that prevail over Karachi, we collaborate with brands such Aquafina to distribute chilled bottles of water to people on the streets. This activity is carried out by our rescue team that travels around the city, saving animals. On the way, we give water bottles to pedestrians, laborers, donkey-owners and various other people on the roads.


We take it one step further by carrying buckets and containers of chilled water which we pour on donkeys and let them drink clean water whilst on their travels. We also take smaller bowls along with us to provide water to thirsty dogs and cats on the streets.


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I'm Rosha. I'm a 2 year old Labrador, abandoned because my family didn't want me anymore. While I was on the streets, scared and alone.

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The name is Aaloo. I think you can tell why, based on my healthy physique. I was rescued back in January 2016 with a skin condition. I was abandoned by my family and am between 3-4 years old.

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Hi, I'm Brownie. I was rescued in late December 2015 with a severe skin infection. I came in so thin and so hungry, just a bag of skin and bones.

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