Iftar held in Ramadan

very Ramzan we hold at least one iftar per week for the donkey owners in which a full meal is provided for up to 300-500 people, in remote parts of Karachi. This has been done since the very first year of ACF and in Ramzan, 2017 our team of volunteers also held two Iftars in Islamabad


These iftars are preceded by Donkey Camps in which the donkeys are given free medical treatment, food and water and owners are educated how to treat their donkeys who are their source of livelihood


I’m Hercules, I was dropped off at the shelter in mid January. I had bleeding cuts on my knee joints, and my lower body was completely paralysed. The doctor said I had blood infection and a kidney problem, but I recovered after a lot of treatments.

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Hi, I'm Harry. I was rescued by ACF a few days ago. My front foot is completely disjointed, and is full of bruises. The doctor says I'm lucky to have not broken it. My owners used to beat me in order to force me to walk for miles in the heat.

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Hi, I'm champion. I was rescued in early March, with a huge, deep maggot wound on my eye that had reached my skull and a deep, painful cut on my leg. I was alone,.

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