Spay/Neuter Program

In ACF’s experience of rescuing over 1200 pye-dogs (stray dogs) in Karachi over the past 3.5 years, we have NOT come across a SINGLE case of rabies. The only aggressive dogs we have met are those that people have abused and harmed. And with a little bit of love, you will see them change and shine.

Pye-dogs are the most loyal, loving, crazy, funny dogs you will ever meet! Just because they aren’t a breed, doesn’t mean they are not worth it. They deserve and crave love, affection and care and inside, all dogs are the same. They deserve a chance at a good life and only YOU, those reading this, can give that to them.
In a city of over a million pye-dogs, ACF is a small organisation that works for injured strays and abused and abandoned pets. It’s not feasible or practical for us to take in every healthy stray dog in the city. ACF was created to give a voice and chance to those animals that are ignored/neglected and we have never looked back once. We are blessed to have met and spent time with the most amazing strays at our shelter. We see miracles everyday.
YOU can too! If you are an animal lover, YOU need to get up and help. If you believe all lives matter, then YOU have the power to save a life right now. Don’t let these amazing creatures die a slow, painful death by being poisoned or shot. Please get up and find the strays in your area and help.
We request you all to take an hour or two out your day tomorrow, Saturday 18th March and join other animal lovers at the Press Club between 12-2pm to raise their voice about giving pye-dogs a chance. Otherwise these innocent, beautiful babies will be brutally murdered very soon. Time is of the essence. Please stand up for their rights as they are not able to. Every voice matters. Every pye dog matters. Save a life today.

Here’s how YOU can help:

  1. Make a network of like-minded people who actively want to help.
  2. Befriend the dog/dogs in your area or a particular area.
  3. Feed them everyday. Put a collar on them. Adopt them as your pet.
  4. Make sure your neighbors know these are your pets. You can only educate through action.
  5. If they know that, perhaps they will not call the authorities to kill.
  6. You can even train dog/dogs to become guard dogs for your community.
  7. Show neighbors benefits of dog/dogs.
  8. When comfortable, put dog/dogs in car and take to a vet to be spayed/neutered.
  9. Raise money for that through your network.
  10. Once healed, get them an anti-rabies shot and release.
  11. Continue taking care of your adopted pets.

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